CMS: When and How to Use a Profile Page Template


The profile page template provides an option to highlight one individual's profile along with profile picture, social media links and up to four customizable tabs.

For multiple profiles, see the Profile Listing Template.


 Example Faculty Profile

Steps to Take

Add a new profile page

  1. Click on Add Content > Features menu from the top navigation bar.
    Add New Features Screenshot
  2. Click on Profile Page
    Profile options screenshot
  3. Fill out the page metadata
    1. System Name
    2. Display Name
    3. Title
    4. Summary
    5. Author
  4. Add the profile information in the Profile panel
    1. Title
    2. Full Name
    3. Address
    4. Personal Website
    5. Phone
    6. Email
    7. Image 
  5. Add social media links in the Social Media panel
    1. Facebook
    2. Google+
    3. LinkedIn
    4. Twitter 
    5. Add additional links by clicking on the plus icon (+) on the right.
      Social Media Edit
  6. Add profile tabs in the Profile Tabs panel. Add additional tabs by clicking on the plus icon (+) on the right. (You can add up to four tabs per profile).
    Profile Tab Edit

Social Media Icons

You can add the following social media icons to the profile page.

Location Information

You can include location information (mailing address, mail code and office number) on the profile page.

Profile Tabs

You can have up to four customizable profile tabs per a profile page. To add a new tab click on the plus (+) icon.

Profile Image

We recommend having an image size of 125x150 for the faculty profile images.