DocuSign - Adding Recipients to Your Envelope


Learn how to add recipients to the envelope you've created in DocuSign.  A DocuSign envelope is a container used to send one or more documents for signature. Envelopes can contain multiple documents and be sent an individual or several recipients.

Critical Concepts


Steps to Follow

Add recipients to the envelope

There are multiple ways to add recipients to an envelope:

           Screenshot: Recipients and Routing input

Sending to yourself

You can add yourself as a recipient by clicking the Add Me link. Your information is added to the recipient list with a Sign Action. Adjust your Action and other settings as needed.


Recipient Actions

A recipient must be assigned one of the following recipient actions.


Set envelope routing order

If you have multiple recipients, you can change the routing order in which the recipients receive the envelope and perform signing and other activities. To set routing order, type the Order in which your recipients receive and sign the document.

Alternately, if you have already set the order for some recipients, you can click on the grip icon (Grip icon) associated with the recipient and drag them to the new order. The Order number for the recipient is automatically updated.

You can remove a recipient by clicking the remove icon (X) associated with that recipient.

You can see a graphical representation of the routing order for your recipients by clicking the Order Diagram link:


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