Checklists on Cases and Tasks


Case, Case Task, and Catalog Tasks all have a checklist function. If you would like to know more about the functionality, you can look at the Official ServiceNow documentation.

In order to use a checklist, you need to be on an item that allows them. Cases will be the most common example of this. Please keep in mind that checklists are not linked to the completion of a ticket. You can put a checklist on a ticket but the ticket can be closed regardless of the progress of the checklist.

Checklist Usage

On the Case below, we have scrolled just under the Short Description and Description fields where we can see four tabs 'Notes', 'Resolution Information', 'View Restrictions', and 'Checklist'. Where the Case is brand new and not yet saved, Checklists won't show up. If you want a checklist on a new Case, fill it out, 'Save and Stay', and Checklists will be functional.

Screenshot: checklist example

Clicking on Checklist will show us the Checklist tab. From here, we can click the blue arrow and 'Create new' item.

Screenshot: Menu to create new checklist

We can create multiple items on the Checklist. In order for Checklist items to save, you need to hit 'Update' or 'Save and Stay' on the ticket.

As agents complete the items, they can cross the items off. Checked off items can be unchecked.

Screenshot: checked off items in checklist menu

Checklist progress will be sent to the Activity list.

Screenshot: notes of checklist activity within ticket


Checklist Template Usage

There are two ways to create a template for Checklists.

Use an Existing Checklist to Create a Template

This quickest way to create a template.

  1. Click the blue arrow and hit 'Save as Template'.

    Screenshot: Save as template button on menu

  2. This will bring you to a Save screen where you can select the Template Name and the Group allowed to use it.

    Screenshot: fields to select the template name

Create Checklist from Scratch

  1. Navigate to the Checklist Template within ServiceNow to create a Checklist from scratch.

  2. Once on the screen, click 'New' to create a new Template or click on an existing Template's Name to edit it.

    Screenshot: new template menu

  3. On the New / Edit screen, the Group will dictate who can see the Template. The individual items are line items on the 'Template' section.

    Screenshot: List of fields for creating template

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please use the 'Contact ServiceNow Team' form.