CMS: Copy a Pre-existing Page or Folder


Learn how to copy a page or folder within the CMS.

Benefits of copying content

Steps to take

  1. Select the page or folder you want to copy.
  2. Select More > Copy
    More Copy screen shot
  3. Under New Page Name, enter the system name of the new page. This will be used in the URL.
  4. If the folder you want to copy to is different than the current folder, use New Folder and browse to the folder you want the copied file to reside in. Click Confirm to approve that location.
    Copy enter name screen shot
  5. Click Copy.
  6. You will see a message: "Copy Successful. View copied asset."
  7. When you finish, you will remain on the old page that you copied, not the new page. To go to the new page, click "View copied asset."
    Copy successful screen shot