Pages in the CMS Don't Match Those on my Live Website


You have changed the site navigation, but aren't seeing the changes on the live site.


You just deleted a page but it is still showing up in the top navigation of your live site.


You just added a page but it is not showing up in the top navigation of your live site.


There is a page on your website that are no longer in the CMS (a stranded page).


The CMS and your website are different systems that only communicate via publishing and unpublishing.



Publish folders for navigation changes

If you change the display name or page order, or add or delete a page, you will only see that change on pages that have been published after making the change. Publish the folder containing the change. To ensure that the change rolls out to the entire site, you need to publish the entire site.

Unpublish stranded pages

If you delete a page from the CMS without unpublishing it first, it will still show up on the website.

To remove a deleted page from your website, just recreate a page with the same system name (the page doesn't need to have any content) and then delete it. The CMS will unpublish the page for you before deleting it.

Clear your Cache

Note: As you browse the Internet, your browser downloads elements of the pages you view and stores them on your computer in a cache. This improves browsing performance by loading pages faster. In some cases, this is why you might not see edits reflected immediately.

To force the new page to reload, try a hard refresh: Ctrl + F5  or Cmd + Shift + R for Macs.

If that doesn't work, you may need to clear the browser cache.

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