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Use the file chooser to:

Steps to Take

When you click on a field in the CMS to link to another resource, the file chooser will pop up on the right side of the screen.


Depending on the template and field you are using, you may see these options for choosing your file:

Differences from previous version

If you used past versions of the CMS, you will notice that the file chooser no longer shows an expandable tree structure (as found in the left side of your CMS window). This path information is still available by:

  1. Looking at the breadcrumbs under Browse
  2. Selecting a file, which will show its path

The new design of the file chooser allows you to navigate to Upload directly and adds a search function to Recent and Browse.


Selecting a resource using Recent is most useful for when you are adding the same resource to multiple pages.

  1. Once the file chooser has opened, it will show Recent by default.
  2. Use the radio button to choose the resource you want
    Note: if there are multiple resources with the same name (such as index) you can hover your mouse over the resource to see its path.

    File chooser recent image screen shot
  3. Click Choose.


If you have a large number of recently used resources, use Search to narrow them down. You can click the button next to the search box to toggle between list and thumbnail views.

  • Note: Search only looks at the system names of resources, not the content of a page, for example.
  • Chooser search screen shot


Most users will use Browse to link to resources.

  1. When the file chooser opens, click Browse
  2. Navigate to the resource you want to use. Click on the radio buttons to navigate through the site structure.
    1. Drill down to the resource you want:
      1. Open folders have a white center. Everything below it in the list is inside the open folder. In the example, about is open.
      2. Closed folders are solid yellow. In the example, groups is closed.
      3. If you click on the name of a resource it will select it or open it (if it is a folder).
      4. If you click the radio button next to a resource, it will select the resource. Exception: If a folder is not a valid selection (for example, if you are choosing "a file, page, or link") then clicking the radio button will open the folder.
    2. To go back up levels, click on the appropriate folder in the breadcrumb path. For example, to go to another sponsor page, you can click on sponsor to go to that folder.
  3. Select the resource. A selected item is highlighted. In the example, directions is selected.

    File chooser browse image screen shot
  4. Click Choose.


If you know the system name of your resource, you can use Search to find it.

  • Type the system name into the search box (you do not need to press enter).
  • If you are searching on a larger site, like Blink or TritonLink, it may take some time for the search to complete.

    File chooser browse search screen shot


  • Search is not very effective if you are looking for a system name that is used frequently throughout a site, such as index or faq, but can be useful for finding more specific content.
  • You can click the button next to the search box to toggle between list and thumbnail views.
  • Mouse over a resource to see its full path.
  • Search only looks at the system names of resources, not the content of a page.
  • To stop searching (and use the normal browse navigation), delete what you entered in the search box.


Use Upload to to add a new file or image to the CMS from the file chooser.

Note: You can't create a new folder from the file chooser. If you want to put the image in a new folder, you need to create the new folder first.

  1. When the file chooser opens, click Upload
  2. Select a file to upload. In the dotted box:
    1. Drag a file to the box, or
    2. Click the choose link in the box to select one from your computer.
      • Note: Do not use the blue Choose link in the top right corner yet.
  3. Under Select a placement folder, choose where the file will go in the CMS by navigating to an appropriate subfolder (use the same navigating method as in Browse, above.
    • Note: Since you are selecting a folder, you will need to click on the name of the folder to open it. Clicking the radio button will select the folder (without opening it).
    1. For images use a folder in _images
    2. For files (PDF, Word file, etc.) use a folder in /_files

      Upload image screen shot
  4. Click Choose
  5. Click Ok
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