ServiceNow 10.17.0 Release Notes

Release 10.17.0 introduced the following new features, fixes, and updates to the campus instance of ServiceNow at UC San Diego and was implemented on Tuesday, December 21, 2021.


Additional background: Tables that extend "task", such as Case, Catalog Item, Change, etc. usually have their own customer field that is used to record customer information. The name of this field varies from table to table (e.g. Caller ID, Customer Contact, Requested For, etc.). When a report is created against the task table, you can add these fields to the report, but each appears as its own column, so your case customers will be in a different column than your requested item customers. To get around this, the "Task Customer" custom field was added to the "task" table, and it stores information from all the various customer fields across different task types. The end result is the capability to report on multiple task types and see customer information in a single column.