CMS Template Page: Add Profile Listing


The profile listing template lets you display a list of profiles including names, images and a short profile description.


Faculty Listing

The profile listing template provides an option to display a list of people's profiles including names, profile images and short profile descriptions.

Steps to Take

To add a new profile listing page

  1. Click on New > Features menu from the horizontal navigation bar.

    Add New Features Screenshot

  2. Click on Profile Page List

  3. Fill out the page metadata
    1. System Name
    2. Display Name
    3. Title
    4. Summary
    5. Author
  4. Add the profile information in the ProfilePerson Profile section. 
  5. Add additional profile sections by clicking the plus icon (+) next to Profile. Add additional profiles within a drawer by clicking the plus icon (+) next to "Person Profile."
    Edit Person Profile screenshot

Note: You can hide/show images on the profile listing page using the “Use Image” option.

Profile Summary

We recommend having a very short text (one paragraph) in the profile summary section.

Profile Image

We recommend an image size of 205 pixels wide (required for the template) and 175 pixels tall