The CloudLabs::Guac service allows students to use academic computing infrastructure remotely via a web browser. This includes remote desktops to physical lab hardware, providing access to Windows, MacOS, and Linux workstations. Guacamole also provides virtual remote desktops and terminals via a web browser for any students or faculty currently supported on the academic Linux server infrastructure.

This service is based off the Free Open Source Software Apache Guacamole project.

CloudLabs:Guac is open to UC San Diego students and faculty.

Using CloudLabs:Guac

Logging In

When logging into the system you'll be presented with a login screen similar to the following image:

Enter the username you wish to use on the system you are trying to connect to. If you have a course specific account (e.g. you are enrolled in CSE 15L this quarter and have a cs15lsp20zz account) you would login with that account. All accounts need to be enrolled in Duo.

After entering your username and password you should receive a duo prompt:

After successfully authenticating with Duo, you should be directed into the system.

General Usage

The Guacamole project has a user's guide which explains basic functions of the system.

Ctrl+Alt+Shift while connected to a system will bring up the guacamole menu, which will give you a space to add text to the clipboard, upload files, and other settings.

Linux Cloud

After logging into you should be presented with a connections menu showing the Linux servers available based on the courses or major you are enrolled in.

You may select the top level menu (e.g. "ieng6 Server Remote Desktops") to be directed to the least busy server in the cluster.

If you need to connect to a specific server, you may expand the menu and select a specific instance.

It may take some time to start up a new remote desktop session. If you see a black screen after the connection dialog please wait a bit for your session to be created.

It is highly recommended that you fullscreen your browser before making a Remote Desktop connection. This is will make it easier to reconnect to your session if you close your browser window without logging off.

Remote desktops will persist for 12 hours - if you do not reconnect to your session it will be closed. Please remember to save your work before closing your browser window.

Transferring Files: You can transfer files by drag/drop onto the browser window. By default will be uploaded into your home directory. You may also use the guacamole menu (Ctrl+Alt+Shift) and use the "File Upload" menu to select where you want your files to go.

Logging Off: In order to help free up system resource, please log off after you are done with your session just as you would when using a lab workstation. On the default gnome desktop, you can log out from the upper right Power Button menu by selecting your name and then clicking "Log Out" or by clicking the door icon on the bottom right.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk. You can call us at (858) 246-4357, email us at, or submit a ticket at