Kaltura Troubleshooting: Zoom Cloud Videos Not Showing up In "My Media"


You recorded a video to the Zoom cloud, but it's not showing up in "My Media," in spite of our Kaltura-Zoom integration.


There could be several reasons why your Zoom recording isn't showing up in your "My Media":


Given the causes above, the solutions are dependent on what the cause was (which is not always easily determined). So ask yourself a few questions.

Have you waited long enough?

The Zoom-Kaltura integration takes time. Zoom has to process the recording and then it has to be sent to Kaltura, where it's also processed. It's nearly impossible to put a number on this, but for your average hourlong video, give it a few hours at least. 

Were you the meeting host?

In order for a Zoom recording to show up in your "My Media," you need to have been the meeting host. If you weren't, you won't see it.

Are you sure you recorded to the Zoom cloud?

If you elected to record the video locally (to your computer), you'll need to find the recording and upload it to Kaltura manually.

Were you using a role account?

If you were logged into Zoom using a role account (e.g. multimedia@ucsd.edu or department-name@ucsd.edu), sometimes there will be a username mismatch between Kaltura and Zoom. Some role accounts are set up so that on the back end of our identity management system, the system is technically appending "ucsd_" to the beginning of the username. 

So, for example, the account multimedia@ucsd.edu might actually be ucsd_multimedia@ucsd.edu on the back end. Zoom uses multimedia@ucsd.edu as the username, but Kaltura pulls ucsd_multimedia@ucsd.edu as the username. So a Zoom cloud recording comes over assigned to multimedia@ucsd.edu but Kaltura assigns it to ucsd_multimedia@ucsd.edu. 

In these circumstances, the recording is safely in Kaltura, but it's what we call an "orphan" - the media has no owner that can log in and see it on the front end. We can reassign these videos to a different owner, but until UCSD replaces its identity management system, it's not guaranteed that this issue can be resolved for every user going forward. 

In a rush? Here's how to download from Zoom and upload to Kaltura.

You can always reach out to us at kaltura@ucsd.edu and ask us to investigate (ideally after asking yourself the questions above). But if you're in a rush - and if it was less than 30 days since you recorded your video to the Zoom cloud - you can download the video from Zoom and upload it to Kaltura manually.

  1. In your web browser, go to https://ucsd.zoom.us.
  2. Click Sign In and enter your active directory credentials.
  3. In the left navigation, click Recordings.
  4. Ensuring that the Cloud recordings tab is selected at the top of the page, click on the recording in question.
  5. Click whichever layout you'd like to download (e.g. "shared screen," "speaker view," etc.).
  6. Click Download at the top of the page.
  7. Upload the recording to Kaltura.
Still stuck? Reach out to us at kaltura@ucsd.edu.