How to Create a Running Total in Cognos


This document is to show an example of using Running Total function in Cognos


Steps to Take

1. The data fields are shown in the list below.

Screenshot: Insertable objects data fields for query

2. Click on Report and Select Query 1.

Screenshot: Selecting Query 1

3. Click on Tools and drag Query Calculation to the Data Items pane.

Screenshot: Query Calculation

4. Change the Name to ‘Running Total for Student Count Per Term’

                     running-total([Student Count] for [Term Code])

Screenshot: Expression Definition in Data Item Expression

5. You will see the following as shown below.

Screenshot: Data Item called Running Total for Student Count per Term Code

6. Click on Report and Select Page1.

Screenshot: Running report


7. Select ‘Running Total for Student Count Per Term Code’ data field and drag it to the list.

Screenshot: Running the query

Screenshot: dragging item to the data list

8. Run the report in HTML.

Screenshot: Running report in HTML

9. Report Output with Running Total. Expected Running Total Output is 2+1=3 and 3+8=11, etc

Screenshot: report output