Updating Outdated/Obsolete TritonLink Password Reset Verification Contacts


The TritonLink Password Reset Tool is the option to reset a student password on the TritonLink login page, also found as the 4th (last) option on the student Global Password Reset Tool. When using the TritonLink password reset tool, students will need to answer their Security Questions then proceed through the prompts until they are asked to choose a phone number or email address to receive a confirmation code. The confirmation code is the last step to insure the password is reset. Below are steps to take in order to update/modify the contact options for receiving this confirmation code.

Critical Concepts

The TritonLink password reset tool searches for possible confirmation email and phone numbers from the following sources:

Updating any of the above information will also update the verification options shown on the password reset tool. The password reset will not be processed without receiving the confirmation code and entering it on the password reset tool. 

Steps to Take


If all of information is up to date on the above TritonLink tools and you are still seeing obsolete/incorrect info on the password reset tool, please contact the Registrar's office at registrar@ucsd.edu or call 858-534-3150.