WalkMe Frequently Asked Questions


WalkMe was brought to campus as a temporary solution to support user adoption of new enterprise systems related to the Enterprise Systems Renewal program. Having served its purpose, and with limits to its application and use, WalkMe is no longer available, as of January 1, 2024.

We will continue to explore more effective solutions for general in-system guidance, but users of Oracle products will be learning more as the Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) product rolls out beginning January 2024. Find more information about OGL in the questions below.

Follow the instructions for removal of the WalkMe browser extension from your computer. Contact central and departmental IT service providers for assistance.  


Contact your local IT support team if you have questions about the WalkMe browser extension.

WalkMe: About WalkMe

Question: What is WalkMe?


WalkMe: Decommission

Question: Why is WalkMe being shut down and removed?


WalkMe was originally brought to campus by the ESR program as a temporary solution to support user adoption of new systems. While it has played a pivotal role in our transition over the last few years, the need to install special software on user workstations and the constant maintenance requirements limited its application and use, and the license has not been renewed.

Question: Will there be a WalkMe replacement?


Question: Does the WalkMe browser Extension send content from the application to WalkMe?


Question: Is administrator access to my computer required to uninstall the extension?



Question: What data was captured by WalkMe?


While a system that used WalkMe was active , WalkMe collected:

Question: What will happen to WalkMe data?


WalkMe will retain stored content for 30 days after the January 1, 2024 shut down. Contact your IT support team to retrieve content from WalkMe as soon as possible.


QuestionCan I use WalkMe for an application that we’re launching to our customers?


WalkMe is not longer available for campus use. The WalkMe service was shut down on January 1, 2024, and the WalkMe browser extension will be removed by your local IT support team beginning February 2024.