How to collect Instructor Scheduling Preferences (ISPs)


The ISA ISP page can be accessed at:

General guidelines before collecting ISPs

Steps for collecting ISPs

To send out batch ISP emails to instructors:

  1. on the ISP page, select instructor(s) to be notified ( below) and then click on Batch Edit/Send Notification ( below).

  2. The following window will pop up:
  3. Select ISP visibility option you want for instructors ( above):
    1. Yes, Allow Instructors to view selected ISPs.
    2. No, Do not allow Instructors to view selected ISPs.
    3. Do not change the visibility status for the selected ISPs.
  4. Select the new Time Block you would like to assign to the ISPs (or select Do not Update Time Blocks) ( below)
  5. Edit Notification: Toggle to Yes ( below) so you can send a notification to instructors of the ISP request. Add an email subject line and any custom messaging ( below). The Preview email feature is available to review before sending.
  6. Finish - Confirm instructors being notified and settings, then select “Save and Send Notifications” if all looks correct

For further assistance, contact the ISA team at