Cognos Filters Consumers Can Change - Limited Values


By default, filters in Cognos are applied to a query without the ability for users to change values. A prompt command can be added to a filter so the report consumer can select their own values. The report developer can also limit the values seen by the report consumer.

Steps to Take

  1. Add a prompt command to the filter.

    Add a prompt command screenshot

  2. Leave the prompt as required to force the consumer to choose a value. Set the prompt to optional if you do not want to force the consumer to choose.

    Leave the prompt as required screenshot

  3. Create the prompt box for the consumer to interact with.

    Create the prompt box screenshot thumbnail

    Value prompt screenshot thumbnail

  4. Locate the query associated with that prompt box.

    Locate the query screenshot thumbnail

    Locate the query screenshot 2

  5. In that prompt box query apply a filter. This will limit the values returned.