CloudLabs: Apporto


The CloudLabs: Apporto service allows students access virtual applications through their browser windows. Simply by signing in with SSO on a broadband internet connection, students can use these applications anytime on almost any device.

Getting Started

  1. To get started on CloudLabs: Apporto, log-in to via SSO/Active Directory and DUO.
  2. Select the Apporto GPU Desktop application. This will redirect the browser to the UCSD Apporto site. 
  3. Click the Launch button under the GPU Desktop to open up the Apporto Desktop.




CloudLabs: Apporto maintains the files for an account while it remains active on the CloudLabs system. As long as an account is registered in a course that uses CloudLabs: Apporto, the files will remain for the duration of that course.

To upload files from a personal computer to the Apporto desktop:

To download files from the Apporto desktop to a personal computer:

Internet Speed

It is recommended to have a stable internet connection to ensure an optimal experience with CloudLabs: Apporto. If the network speed is low or begins to drop out, a warning notification will appear on the Apporto desktop.


Users are not allowed to update or install any applications on CloudLabs: Apporto. To update or install any particular software, contact the professor for the course to make a request.

End Session

Once a user is done using the Apporto desktop software, they may close the browser tab/window instead of disconnecting via the virtual machine.

Menu Bar

Screenshot of Apporto icons

These are the menu buttons that are most likely to be used:

Full-Screen Mode

The 'Toggle Full Screen' button enlarges the Apporto desktop to the full-weight and full-height of the display.

File Upload

The 'File Upload' button opens a menu to upload files to the Apporto desktop from a local computer.

File Download

The 'File Download' button opens a menu to download files from the Apporto desktop to a local computer.


The 'Volume' Button will turn on and off audio from the Apporto desktop.

Network Indicator

The 'Network Indicator' button will display how good of an internet connection there is with the Apporto desktop. A full indicator represents a good connection.

For more support with Apporto, visit the Apporto FAQ or Help Center page.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk. You can call us at (858) 246-4357, email us at, or submit a ticket at