Projected Image Cut Off or Cropped


Projected image appears to be cut off or cropped on display.


This is usually caused by the computer resolution not being compatible with the resolution of the projector.


You can find your projector's resolution in the owner's manual or on the manufacturer's website.  Projector resolution will usually listed under "Specifications" in the manual.

  1. Adjust the computer resolution to one that matches the resolution of the projector.  If you are unsure what this is, you can also try previewing resolutions to see which results in best projection quality.
    • On Windows:
      1. Right-click on Desktop background.
      2. Select Display Settings.
      3. Click Advanced display settings (bottom of window).
      4. Select correct resolution from drop down menu.  
    • On Mac:
      1. Open System PreferencesDisplays.
      2. On the Display tab, hold down Option key while selecting Scaled option to see different resolutions.  
      3. Select correct resolution from list.  You can see previews of each when selecting.
  2. If this did not work, try restarting laptop while connected to projector.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk. You can call us at (858) 246-4357, email us at, or submit a ticket at