Setting Up Outlook for Office365 ExchangeOnline on the PC



The instructions below will help you configure your PC Outlook client for Office 365. If you do not have Outlook on your PC, you can install it:

Steps to Take


Setting Up Outlook for Office Exchange (PC)

  1. Open your Control Panel. Type Control Panel in your windows search. Select Control Panel.

  2. Type Mail at the top right of your control panel screen.

  3. Select Mail (Microsoft Outlook)(32 bit)

  4. Select Show Profiles

  5. Select Add

  6. For Profile Name Type UCSD

  7. Type in your name, email address and password. Then Select Next.

  8. Confirm that you get 3 green check boxes. Before you click finish, check the box for Change account setting.

  9. Select Finish.
  10. Keep Default settings at the top. Select More Settings at the bottom left.

  11. Uncheck Download shared folder. Then select OK.

  12. Select Finish.

  13. Locate your profile window that should still be open. Select Always use this Profile.
    1. Select UCSD.
    2. Select OK.

  14. Locate Outlook on you computer and open. Your email will display : )