Stop Mailing List Messages From Getting Sent Out


Learn how to stop mailing list messages from getting sent out in Mailman.


Critical Concepts

You may need to quickly stop messages from being sent out to your list due to


Steps to Take

  1. Log in to the list's administration page: with your Active Directory username and password (replace ListName with the actual name of your list. The final character is a lowercase letter 'L' for 'list.')
  2. Under General Options scroll to the bottom of the page and find the section titled Additional settings.
  3. The first option under this section should be emergency. Set this to Yes and submit your changes to start emergency moderation.
    • When this option is set, all mail sent to the list will be held for moderation. When the problem has been resolved, you can allow your list operation to go back to normal by going back and changing this option back to No.

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