Request Instructional Technology Resources


Instructors may submit an Instructional Technology Request to request course computing resources provided by Educational Technology Services. Instructional Technology requests are processed through a Instructional Technology (CINFO) request which is required to identify all specific educational technology resources needed other than Canvas.

Such resources include discipline specific and productivity software, access to computer labs managed by ITS including door codes, additional disk space, and provisioning of cloud resources such as Google groups, Amazon Web Services, DataHub notebooks, etc.

If you would like to use a similar computing setup to a previous course, older forms can be copied and modified for convenience.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Request Resources

  1. Identify the types of instructional technology that you will need for your course.  Some common resources include:
    • Specialty software - Additional course related software, like MATLAB and AutoCAD is available for use in some campus computer labs.  Use the Computer Lab Lookup to find lab locations.
    • Door codes - Door codes are assigned to students for computer labs with electronic door locks, based on lab assignment.
    • Teaching assistant account - TA and test student accounts are available for testing software, developing assignments, and troubleshooting problems from a student's perspective. Please list the number of TA and student accounts needed under Additional Comments on the request form.
    • Cloud resources - Such as Google groups, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DataHub notebooks, etc.
  2. Log in to with your Active Directory username and password.
  3. Select Submit a New Request for Course Software and fill out the request form.

Check Status

Once an Instructional Technology Request has been submitted, you can check on the status of the Labs & Software and Web & Cloud Resources requests on  After logging in, go to the Review Your Request tab to check the status on the respective request.  Definitions of the various status types is available in the table below:

New Request.
Original request has been modified, requires review.
The request has been reviewed.
In Progress
Work has begun to complete request.
All work has been finished.
On Hold
Something outside of our control is preventing the work to continue.

Modify Existing Request

If you wish to make changes to a prior request, please review it and email us at and, to let us know what changes should be made.

Contact for questions on Canvas.  Contact for lab or software questions.