Instructor Guidance For the Nb2Canvas LTI


Nb2canvas is a custom LTI tool ( that can be added to a Canvas course which allows nbgrader assignments, submissions and grades to be uploaded from to the course.  This removes the need to upload a spreadsheet of grades. The following article goes over various features within the nb2canvas LTI tool and steps on how to setup and configure the LTI tool.

Using the nb2canvas LTI tool

There will be a row for each NBGrader assignment for your course, and once you either select a corresponding pre-existing Canvas assignment or create one (more below), you can click "Upload Grades" and after a few minutes, you will see the grades recorded in the Canvas assignment.

Guidelines Regarding Course Assignments in Canvas

nb2canvas: Canvas Assignment Column Dropdown 

nb2canvas: Late Penalty

nb2canvas: Upload Grades

nb2canvas: Cancelling Upload

nb2canvas: Feedback Transfer

Setting up and Configuring the LTI Tool

Adding the LTI Tool to Your Course

  1. Go to (or create) a module in your course and click the "+" button:

    The bar for adding new modules for the course.

  2. In the popup, select "External Tool" from the dropdown and select "". Make sure to check the "Load in a new tab" checkbox.

    Setup for the LTI (add external tool,, load page in new tab).

  3. Keep the tool as unpublished so that only you can access it. Now the LTI tool is available as an external tool link within this module! 

  4. Click on the link, and you should see a "Load in a new window" button.  Click that button, and the first time you should see an Authorization page
    containing the content below (the "nb2canvas" name may be slightly different):

    OAuth2 permission screen for authorization.

  5. Below this, click "Authorize".  You should now see the "Canvas - Nbgrader" user interface:

    Screenshot of the LTI, showing the nbgrader assignments, canvas assignments, late penalties, and upload grades button.

If you have any questions or problems, please email to create a support ticket.