How Unix Disk Directories Are Arranged For Classes (OCE)


There is an "umbrella" directory for each class. The home directory of the instructor and TAs are sub-directories of of the umbrella directory. Most students in the class should have OCE accounts, and they will have STORAGE directories under the class umbrella directory. Students who do not have OCE accounts will have HOME directories under the umbrella directory, and those directories will be named according to the naming scheme used in course-specific course models (e.g. for MAE 10 in the fall, the account names would be me10faa, me10fab, etc.). There is also a "public" directory beneath the umbrella directory. For example:

                        /home/solaris/ieng9 (filesystem)
                             cs131f (umbrella dir.)
    |                  |               |              |          |
  cs131f            cs131f1          jsmith        cs131faa    public
 (instructor)         (TA)       (OCE student)     (student)

Make Files Available to Students

If you want to make a file available to students, place it in the "public" directory beneath the umbrella. Students can copy it from that location using a command like this:

cp ../public/sample mycopy

This command will work only while the student is in their directory under the class umbrella. The notation "../public/sample" is interpreted like this: from the current directory, go up one level (..) then down into "public" and find the file named "sample". The file should be "readable by the world":

chmod a+r sample

Note that the security mode settings on the umbrella directory must allow student accounts to both read (r) and access (x) the directory. If the read permission is missing, students will not be able to invoke cshell sub-processes from their class directory. This will cause cshell command files and various utilities such as "script" to fail.

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