Insert Quiz Questions into a Kaltura Video


Kaltura offers the ability to insert quiz questions into videos. When the viewer reaches the question, the video will automatically pause and prompt the user for a response. The answers are saved in the video's analytics. 

Everyone can add quiz questions to their Kaltura media, so this tutorial applies to all Kaltura users (instructors, students, and staff with active directory credentials). 

Quiz questions can be added to Kaltura media in both Canvas and MediaSpace. 

If you're an instructor using Canvas and want to have your students' scores from the quiz report to the gradebook, read our tutorial on creating an integrated Kaltura in-video quiz.

Critical Concepts


Things to Keep in Mind

Steps to Take

See our video tutorial on adding in-video quiz questions below follow the text instructions further down.

There are three main things you have to do to create an in-video quiz:

  1. Enter the quiz editor
  2. Configure your quiz settings
  3. Add your quiz questions

1. Enter the Quiz Editor

Quizzes can be created in both Canvas and MediaSpace. To get to the quiz editor, start with the column below that applies to where you're creating your quiz.

In CanvasIn MediaSpace
  1. Log into Canvas.
    1. Go to
    2. Enter your active directory credentials.
  2. Within Canvas, click My Media in the left navigation.
  1. Log into MediaSpace.
    1. Go to
    2. Click the profile icon at the top right of the page and select Login.
    3. Enter your active directory credentials.
  2. Click the profile icon again and select My Media.
  1. A screenshot of the left navigation of the Kaltura video editor.Find the video to which you want to add questions in your list of media and click the pencil icon on its row.
  2. Click Launch Editor next to the video preview.
  3. Click the cube-like icon in the left navigation of the editor.
  4. Click Start.

2. Configure Your Quiz Settings

Before adding any questions, you should configure your overall settings for your quiz. You can edit each setting discussed below by clicking the caret to expand its contents. There are three areas to configure: details, scores, and experience.

A screenshot of the "details" settings for a Kaltura in-video quiz. Details

Quiz Name will be the name of the video entry in "My Media," and what users will see as its title if you publish it to a Media Gallery. (When you create a quiz, a new copy of the video is created automatically, so you'll definitely want to distinguish the title of the video from its quiz counterpart.)

Show Welcome Message lets you choose whether you want the students to see a screen when they start playing the video that includes your welcome message. 

Welcome Message is the message that students will see once they elect to play the video. The default message is "In this video, you will be given a Quiz. Good Luck!" 

Allow download of questions list will allow your students to download a preview of all the questions before they take the quiz. The opportunity to download the quiz is presented with an icon in the upper right corner of the welcome message once the viewer first clicks "play" on the video. The file is a PDF that lists the questions and possible answers. 

Instructions, if checked, will display a screen at the beginning of the quiz that tells viewers "All questions must be answered. The quiz will be submitted at the end." This message isn't customizable. 

A screenshot of the default welcome screen for an in-video quiz.

A screenshot of the "scores" section of a Kaltura in-video QuizScores

Allow multiple attempts lets your students try the quiz more than once. 

Number of attempts will only appear if you check "allow multiple attempts." In this field you can enter a number from 2-100. 

Show scores / do not show scores is about whether your students will see their score at the end of the video. If you elect to not show their scores, as the text below the option indicates, your students will just see a "thank you" message when they complete the quiz.

Include answers will only be visible if "show scores" is selected. If checked, your students will be able to see the correct answers when they're done.

A screenshot of the "experience" section of a Kaltura in-video quiz.Experience

Allow answers change, if checked, allows users to review their answers and change them before they submit the quiz.

Allow skip / do not allow skip determines whether students have the ability to skip questions and continue watching the video without answering them.

No seeking forward is only selectable if you've selected "do not allow skip." If enabled, it won't allow students to advance the video beyond where they've watched it so far. 

3. Add Your Quiz Questions

A screenshot of the "add a question" button.After you've identified the overall settings for your video quiz, it's time to add the actual questions into the quiz.

  1. Use the timeline at the bottom of the Quiz Editor window to find the point where you want to ask your students a question. (Alternatively, you can just watch the video by pressing the play button and pause it at the point you want to add the question.)
  2. Click Add a Question within the video preview.
  3. Click on the question type you want to use. 

Question Types

There are four types of questions you can insert into an in-video quiz.

  1. Multiple choice questions ask students to select an answer from up to 4 choices (including the correct answer).
  2. True or false questions ask viewers to identify if a statement is true or false.
  3. Reflection points pause the video and show a prompt, but don't require the student to input any information.
  4. Open-ended questions are just short answer questions asking students to enter text as their response. Just like short answer questions in other types of electronic assessments, these can't be auto-graded. Students can write up to 270-character responses.
  1. A screenshot of the timeline in the quiz editor, with icons for existing quizzes circled. Enter your question details on the following screen.
  2. When you're done, click Save.

After you insert the question, you should see a small blue cube icon appear in the timeline at the bottom of the window. If you want to go back and edit one of the questions you set up, just click that question's icon. 

When you're done adding all the questions you want, be sure to click Done at the top right of the Editor.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, feel free to contact us at