Department Table


The department table stores information about the official hierarchy of departments and units within departments at UC San Diego. You will most often see department when it is a reference field associated with a customer contact or a case.


Fields on the Department Table

Table name: cmn_department

There are 5 levels of official UCSD departments according to EAH Departments. Most departments that employees work for are levels 3-5. Level 2 is the VC area, and Level 1 is either the campus or the medical center. Because this is a hierarchy, departments contain two fields that are of interest to agents: the parent field, and the member of field.


Common Filters


Cases from customers that are part of a department.

  1. Start your report on the case table.
  2. Expand the fields under "Contact (Customer)"
  3. Select "Department"
  4. Enter the department you wish to show cases for
Screenshot: cases under department example

Cases from customers that are underneath a VC Area

  1. Start your report on the case table
  2. Expand the fields under "Contact (Customer)"
  3. Expand the fields under "Department"
  4. Select "Member of"
  5. Enter the VC's department.
Screenshot: cases under VC department example


Department Table Fields

Relevant Fields

LabelElementField TypeReferenceReporting Notes
BUMTu_bumtListContactSpecific to BOTS workflow and reporting
Business unitbusiness_unitReferenceBusiness UnitBusiness units are not used in ServiceNow. All information about campus hierarchy is stored on the department table.
CodecodeString Use this if you want to look up a department by code.
CompanycompanyReferenceCompanyNot used
Cost centercost_centerReferenceCost CenterNot used
Created bysys_created_byString  
Department headdept_headReferenceUserNot used
Department Levelu_department_levelInteger Level 1 - 5. Only populated for official UCSD departments. "Teams" within departments are not assigned a level
DSA Teamu_dsaReferenceGroupSpecific to BOTS workflow and reporting
EAH Updatedu_eah_updatedDate/Time The last time we received updates to this department from Employee Activity Hub
Friendly Nameu_friendly_nameString  
Head counthead_countInteger Not used
HR contactsu_hr_contactsListContactSpecific to BOTS workflow and reporting
IDidString Duplicate of code.
IT field officeu_it_field_officeString Specific to BOTS workflow and reporting
Member ofu_member_ofListDepartmentLists all departments above it in the hierarchy, for official UCSD departments. See "Common Filters" above for more information on how to report on this field

For official UCSD departments, the direct parent in the hierarchy.

For unofficial teams within a department, the official UCSD department they belong to.

Primary contactprimary_contactReferenceUserNot used
Sourceu_sourceString Where the SNOW team sourced this department information.
Sys IDsys_idSys ID (GUID)  
Updated bysys_updated_byString  

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