CMS: Creating Links


Learn how to create links in the campus CMS.

Best practices for Links

Steps to Take

Creating links

  1. Highlight the text you want to become the link.
    Note: If you are linking to a file, include file information in parentheses as part of the link text, e.g., (PDF), (Word file).
  2. Click the insert/edit link icon Insert/Edit link icon to bring up the Insert/edit link window:
    Insert link screen shot
    • If you are linking to another page or file within the same site, use an internal link. 
      Note: This is critical as the CMS will keep track of the internal link if it later gets moved or renamed.
      1. The Internal button will be selected by default.
      2. Use the file chooser to navigate to the page or file.
        Note: If you are linking to a file that isn't uploaded yet, click on Upload to upload a new file from the file chooser..
      3. Click Choose.

        Insert choose link screen shot
    • If you are linking to anything outside of your CMS site, use an external link.
      1. Click the External button and type the link in the Link field.
  3. Click Ok.

Linking to an email address

  1. Highlight the text you want to become the link.
  2. Click the insert/edit link icon Insert/Edit link icon.
  3. Use an external link and type mailto:emailaddress (ex: into the link field. Note: you'll need to delete the http://.

Anchor links

If you feel the need to create anchor links, first consider using the drawer template, which provides anchor links by default. To find the anchor name, go to the live page in your browser, select a specific drawer and copy the text after the #.

Otherwise, anchor links are discouraged. But if you must use one, enter the anchor name in the Anchor field in the Insert/edit link menu (do not include the "#")

To add the anchor link name

  1. Use the WYSIWYG editor and click where you want the anchor point to be.
  2. Click the Anchor icon Anchor link icon.
  3. Enter an anchor name (use a short word or phrase; use hyphens instead of spaces).
  4. Click OK.