Planning a Course for iClickers


Learn how to order iClickers and provide registration instructions in your syllabus.

Note: Effective Winter 2024, support for iClicker Classic will no longer be available. For more information: iClicker Classic is moving to iClicker Cloud in January 2024


Critical Concepts


Steps to Take

1. Receive Basic Technical Training

EdTech Support offers workshops for instructors typically around the beginning of the term. Instructors may also request one on one consultations. 

phone: (858) 822-3315

2. Determine How iClickers Will Be Used in Your Course

Instructors may configure their iClicker setup according to their needs. Instructors can choose to allow students to use physical remotes, the mobile app, or a combination of the two.

3. Request an iClicker Instructor Kit

To reserve an instructor kit, please contact EdTech Support at least a week before instruction starts. These kits are intended for any instructors who will require use of physical remotes.

4. Reserve Physical iClicker Remotes for Your Students to Purchase (optional)

Course Materials / Textbook Dept.
Phone: (858) 726-5706

Faculty iClicker Orders:

In order to assure that iClicker remotes are on the shelves for the first day of class, instructors should place a reservation with the UC San Diego Bookstore no later than 1 to 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter. Same day requests may be accommodated, however it depends on stock on hand.

Student iClicker Purchase:

iClicker remotes are available in the textbook section of the Bookstore, or can be purchased new or used online. (When used remotes are purchased, if the instructor does not use Canvas, the student may need to pay iClicker a used-clicker registration fee).

iClicker Sell-Back:

Students may sell their used remotes back to the bookstore if there is a need.

5. Add Syllabus Suggestions

Although students may have already registered their iClicker remotes, we suggest that you put instructions, along with a registration deadline, in your course syllabus. 

If you are using iClicker Cloud, here are instructions to give your students:

How to register for iClicker as a student:

  1. Navigate to and create a Student account using your UCSD email address
    1. You can also download the iClicker student app
  2.  Select Register a Remote
    1. If you are using your mobile device, you do not need to register a remote ID (Instructor note: If your class ONLY uses physical remotes, remove this step, 2a, from your syllabus)
  3.  Enter your remote ID when prompted and save changes

If you are using iClicker Classic*, here are instructions to give your students:

How to register for iClicker as a student:

  1.  Navigate to your Canvas course
  2.  In the left navigation menu, select iClicker Registration
  3.  Enter your remote ID and confirm your UCSD email address and country are set correctly
  4.  Select Register

*iClicker Classic will no longer be supported beginning Winter 2024

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having difficulties registering your remote in Google Chrome:

  1. Clear your Canvas-specific cookies. Instructions are available.
  2. Try to re-register your remote.

If clearing your cookies still does not allow for registration:

  1. Enter chrome://settings/content/cookies into browser URL field
  2. Next to Allow, click Add
  3. In the site field, enter the following:
  4. Click Add

If you’re a faculty member and you’re experiencing issues, please contact If you’re a student and you’re experiencing issues, please contact the Service Desk.