What is a Watchlist?


Watchlist allows you to add people to view the ticket. The following article will go over the different types of Watch Lists and how to use them within ServiceNow. 

Critical Concepts

If you are an agent within ServiceNow, you will be able to add people to an External or Internal Watch List.

Steps to Take

Adding to the Watchlist in Agent View 

  1. Scroll down to the ticket notes and under the "notes" tab, you will see the option to add users to either the external or internal watch list. 

  2. You can look for a user in SNOW by typing their name in the field next to the magnifying glass. Alternatively, if you are adding email addresses that are not affiliated with UCSD, you can type the email address in the "Enter email address" field and press the mail icon.

  3. After adding users or email addresses to the watch lists, click the lock and Save the case to update it.

    save the case image

Adding to the Watchlist from Portal View

When looking at your tickets on the ServiceNow portal, you will see the ability to "Add Watcher". A watcher is somebody who will be cc'd on your ticket. Any time you or your customer service agent reply to your ticket, the people added to the watchlist will be included. You may want to add supervisors, coworkers, or users who may have information on a given topic.

Adding Watch List from customer portal:

Screenshot: Add Watcher field from Portal View

Viewing Watched Only Tickets

  1. Go to My Stuff
  2. Click "Watched Only"

    Screenshot: Menu to see Watched Only tickets

Notes About Watchlists

External Watchlist

Internal Watchlist

Portal Watchlist Widget

Who is available? Everyone on the user table (inactive or not). This applies to every table.Who is available? Every user who doesn't have the snc_external role. This usually means agents only. This applies only to the case and case task table. The rest of the tables don't have a reference qualifier and are the same results as the External Watchlist.Who is available? Only active user's are available to be added on the portal widget. This applies to every record type. These watchlist members are added to the External Watchlist.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please use the 'Contact ServiceNow Team' form.