CMS Analytics with Google


Find out how to access the Google Analytics dashboard to view your website traffic and usage.


Steps to Take

1. Request access

  1. If you don't have a Google account for yourself or your department, go to Google and click Sign in at the top right
  2. Send your Google email address to and include the CMS site(s) for which you need analytics access

2. Log in to Google Analytics

  1. Go to Google Analytics
  2. Click Sign in and enter your account info

3. Choose the site property and profile you want to view

  1. After you've logged in, you'll see a list of properties (websites) you have access to. There will be one property for each site and at least one profile within that property
  2. Select the property, then select the profile

Screenshot: Select the analytics property

Screenshot: Select the analytics profile

4. Find the page(s) you want to analyze

After selecting the profile, you'll see overall data for the entire site. To get information on specific content:

  1. Select Behavior in the left-hand column
  2. Select Site Content
    • Select All Pages to see content listed in order of popularity
    • Select Content Drilldown to drill down into site content by folder
    • Enter the name or partial name of a page in the search box to go directly to that page
      Screenshot: Analytics content by site content

5. Analyze the data

Data includes:

  1. Date range: Defaults to 1 month. You can reset this range for the time period you're interested in by clicking the date range listed at the top right of the window and changing the beginning and ending dates
  2. Pageviews: The number of times users visited this page, including repeat visits by the same users
  3. Unique Pageviews: The number of times users visited this page, not including repeat visits by the same users

6. Share the data by capturing it as a PDF, Excel, or other file

In the Export drop down at the top of the page, choose the report format you prefer

Screenshot: Export to CSV, TSV, TSV for Excel, Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or PDF

7. Get more information about Google Analytics

See these links for more information on Google Analytics data:

Contact if you are having issues signing on to Google Analytics