Digital Signage


Let digital signage showcase your department's achievements, services, important information, and upcoming events. Digital signage is a dynamic and engaging way to communicate information to the campus community through flat screen HD monitors.  Displays can be mounted in busy areas like waiting rooms, lobbies, or hallways where they will be seen by many people. Outdoor installation is available. Content creation and management services for digital signage are also available.


Customized to fit your needs, digital signs combine multiple forms of media, including:

Digital signs can be easily updated to feature new content via templates or .jpg, QuickTime, or Flash file uploads.



IT Services manages the easy-to-use Carousel digital signage server from Tightrope Media Systems and recharges departments for the cost of the Carousel software, licensing, and maintenance.

IT Services can provide a needs assessment, assistance with equipment purchase and installation, signage design and content development, and Carousel software training.



Digital signage requires an annual subscription that includes the media player software, licensing, and maintenance. Equipment installation costs vary with customer requirements, signage locations, and are in addition to the annual subscription.

 Software & Licensing 1st Year$1562.00 
 Software & Licensing Renewal Yearly $482.00
 Hardware & Installation Minimum Cost$2900.00 +

For further details and pricing, contact Alvin Angeles, (858) 246-0097.