Forgetting the Network


If setting up the network for the first time goes wrong, it is best to forget the network on your device to reset any of the settings that were not configured properly.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take


  1. Click Network icon in the bottom right (on bottom toolbar)

    Screenshot: Windows Network Icon bottom right of the screen

  2. Look for UCSD networks that you want to forget, such as UCSD-PROTECTED, RESNET-PROTECTED, and UCSD-GUEST. For each network, right click on it then click Forget.

    Screenshot: Windows network icon with right clicked forget option shown


  1. Open System Settings > Wi-Fi. Click on Details... next to the currently connected network.

    Screenshot: System Settings window with Wifi "details" button marked

  2. In the pop-up, click on Forget This Network... at the bottom. Select Remove to confirm.

    Screenshot: Wifi menu with "Forget This Network" button marked

Android Devices and Chromebooks

  1. Go to your settings Screenshot: Android settings icon
  2. Go to Connections > click "Wi-Fi" 

    Screenshot: Where to find Wi-Fi option in Connections menu

  3. Click the ellipsis menu Screenshot: Ellipsis Menu button on the top right corner and click "Advanced." 
  4. Click "Manage networks"

    Screenshot: Manage network option in advanced menu

  5. Find the network you want to forget and click on it. 
  6. Click "Forget" 
  7. Click "Forget" one more time to confirm. You now see that the network is no longer in the previous list. 


  1. Go to Settings and click on "Wi-Fi" 
  2. Click on the blue i in the circle at the right of the network you are trying to forget, such as UCSD-PROTECTED, RESNET-PROTECTED, and UCSD-GUEST

    Screenshot: Blue options icon next to network name

  3. Click "Forget This Network"

    Screenshot: Forget This Network button on iphone

  4. Click "Forget" to confirm in the pop up window. 

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