Date Ranges


We have Interactive Filters that allow you to based on a set date range, such as 'Last Quarter' or 'This Week'.

How to Access Date Filters

1. Date Ranges can be found by going to the '+' button in the top right of a dashboard you own or can edit. 

An image displaying where to find the interactive date filter

2. From the '+' menu, select 'Interactive Filters', then 'Date.' These will work with cases or task reports.  

 An image showing what the date filters look like

3. If you would like to provide your customers with more configurable date ranges, you can go to 'Custom Interactive Filters' in the Widget selector (from the '+' icon) and select one of the 3 options there. There is one specifically for Opened dates, one specifically for Closed dates, and one that provides Open, Closed, or Updated options. This filter will allow you select specific dates or date ranges with more granularity than the standard 'Interactive Filters'. These only work on case reports.

An image displaying where the custom interactive filters can be found

An image showing how to create your own date filter

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please use the 'Contact ServiceNow Team' form.