How to Use Filters


Many pages on the ISA allow you to use filters to control what information is displayed. Different filters are available on different pages, but all filters use the same basic interface.

Multiple filters can be used simultaneously to further refine the information that is displayed.

Annual Schedule Builder (ASB) Filters

The ISA ASB can be accessed at

Screenshot: Annual Schedule Builder fields

The ASB (see KB0033134) includes the following filters:

Quarterly Schedule Builder (QSB) Filters

The ISA QSB can be accessed at Filters for the QSB are available on a popup window. To access the filters, click on the "Filters" button ( below) located just above the quarterly schedule calendar.

Screenshot: Quarterly Schedule builder filters

The QSB (see KB0033138) includes the following filters:

Schedule Submission Filters

The ISA Class Schedule Submissions (KB) can be accessed at Click on the filter icon at the top of each column ( below) to see the filters that are available for that particular column. Filters can be combined by first filtering one column, then applying filters to additional columns to further refine your search.

Screenshot: Details of Schedule Submissions page

If you have further questions or concerns, contact the ISA team at