Record a Video with Kaltura Capture


Kaltura Capture is free desktop software available to all UCSD community members that can be used to record your screen, camera, and microphone. Anyone with active directory credentials (students, instructors, staff, etc.) can use this software to create videos. 

Critical Concepts


Keep the following in mind:

Steps to Take

You can also view our video tutorial on how to record using Kaltura Capture (note that the user launches the software via Canvas in this video).

There are four main things you need to do in order to record a Kaltura Capture video:

  1. Launch Kaltura Capture
  2. Select your recording preferences
  3. Start the recording
  4. Stop and upload your recording

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Launch Kaltura Capture

  1. Reboot your computer. (This helps ensure a better recording.)
  2. Close all software that you won't be using during your recording.
  3. Open Kaltura Capture.
    • Windows: 
    • Mac:  Click the magnifying glass icon (Spotlight) in the upper right corner of your Mac and start typing Kaltura Capture. Press enter when the application pops up in the search results.

Note that once the software is installed, you can also just launch Kaltura Capture manually (that is, not through Canvas, but just by opening the application on your computer). It will not change the fact that your video will be uploaded to the "My Media" section of Canvas. 

Select your Recording Preferences

For each recording, you'll need to select what combination of screen, camera, and microphone you'd like to record. 

Kaltura Capture's recording settings bar.

  1. Select what screen you'd like captured by clicking the caret under the screen icon.
  1. Select what camera you'd like to use by clicking the caret under the camera icon.
  1. Select what microphone you'd like to use by clicking the caret under the microphone icon.

The Kaltura Capture "record" button.Start the Recording

  1. Click the red record button. A 3-second countdown will begin indicating when the recording will begin.
  2. Wait a few seconds after the countdown completes before you begin speaking. (Depending on your computer, it may take a few moments for your camera, mic, and screen capture to "kick in" and synchronize.) 

Once the Kaltura Capture session has started recording, the application window will shift to a smaller version with modified controls. Note that this recorder window will be visible in your screen capture, though you can minimize or hide it if you wish. 

An annotated screenshot of the Kaltura Capture recorder.

See the table below for more detailed descriptions of each of these icons / functions.

Stop buttonEnds your video and prompts you to upload it to "My Media"
Pause buttonSuspends your recording until you press the record button again. 
Gray XCancels and deletes the recording. Click this only if you truly intend to discard what you've already recorded. It will not be recoverable!
TimerNot clickable; indicates how long you've been recording

Microphone icon 

Not clickable; indicates whether or not you are recording from your microphone. It does not allow you to mute or change your microphone.

Pencil icon

Opens a submenu offering onscreen annotation options. See our tutorial on Kaltura Capture annotations if you're interested in using these.

Gray line above the pencil icon 

Minimize the control window

A screenshot of the message asking if the user wants to stop the recording.Stop and Upload Your Recording

  1. Click the square button to stop your recording. Don't click the gray "X" unless you want to discard/delete your recording.
  2. Click Yes, Stop it to confirm that your recording is complete.
  3. Give your video a title, description, and tags, if desired. All of this can be edited later in Canvas or MediaSpace.
  4. Click Save & Upload.
  5. To be on the safe side, wait until the video has finished uploading before you close Kaltura Capture. You'll see a notification pop up that indicates that your upload has completed.

A screenshot of the message "Recording was successfully uploaded to your media."

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, feel free to contact us at