Summer Session Schedule Builder

Summer Session Schedule Builder

The ISA Summer Session Schedule Builder page can be accessed at:

This is where you can create your course offering plan for Summer Session(s).

Courses must be added to this Summer Schedule Builder page to submit your course offerings to Summer Session for approval. After submitting, courses will display on this page with the approval status. You can review your request status on the Summer Session Class Approvals page. (see KB0033159) After receiving approval, courses will appear highlighted in green on and will populate on the Quarterly Schedule Builder (QSB) (see KB0033138) page to add scheduling details.

Main functions on the Summer Session Schedule Builder page

1. Create your course offering plan by manually building your schedule using the “+Add Class” button ( above)

2. Filter what information is appearing on the page by utilizing the filters at the top of the page, including ( above) (see KB0033161):

3. Prior to sending to Summer Session for approval, you can make manual updates to the Summer Session schedule build by clicking the hamburger control (three horizontal line button) in the upper right corner ( above) including:

4. Submit your course offerings to Summer Session for approval using the Send to Summer Session button ( above)

5. As Summer Session approves/denies course offerings, the Summer Session schedule builder will update with color coding to indicate their approval status

6. Once your classes are approved (appear in green), they will automatically become available in the correct term within the QSB (see KB0033144)

If you have still have questions or concerns about the Summer Session Schedule Builder, email the ISA group at