Kaltura Troubleshooting: Video is Still Processing After a Long Time


You’ve added a video to "My Media," but it's still processing after a long time and not able to be viewed. When you try to view it, you see an animation indicating that it's still processing.


Sometimes, media uploaded to Kaltura can take a long time to process due to a variety of factors, such as the size of the file, its quality level (bitrate), or the server load. However, sometimes an entry gets "stuck" and there's really no way for front-end users to tell what's going on. 


If you feel like your Kaltura media entry has been processing for too long, there are only so many things you can do - and only so much that you can see about the entry's status on the front end. To be honest, there's only so much we can learn on the BACK end. So chances are that the best solution is just to re-upload the media. 

1. Make Sure You've Waited Long Enough

Before moving on to other solutions, it's important to remember that after uploading, replacing, or editing a video, it takes a little while for that video to "process" before it's ready. Kaltura is very cagey about putting a specific number on how long you should expect to wait. We've done our best on our side to ensure that entries are in a "ready" state as quickly as possible, but Kaltura's official word is that video processing could take as long as 15 times the duration of the video.

Nearly always, though, videos are ready much sooner than that. For, say, an hourlong lecture, we'd expect it to be ready for viewing within a couple of hours. So if it hasn't been a couple of hours yet, just sit tight for a little while longer. See our FAQ on media processing times to get more information about what Kaltura tells us about processing times.

2. Re-Upload

While it's possible (not necessarily likely) that we could investigate why your video is still processing, chances are that you'll just have to re-upload the video. There are different approaches to re-upload an entry depending on how it got to Kaltura in the first place. 

For Manual Uploads

For media you’ve uploaded yourself, upload the media again: Upload a Video to "My Media" (Kaltura)

If it's important that you keep the same entry ID (e.g. the video is already embedded or published somewhere), you can try to replace the video: Replace a Kaltura Video

For Kaltura Capture Recordings

If your Kaltura Capture video seems stuck, you can try to tell Kaltura Capture to re-upload the recording, or find the files and upload them manually: Kaltura Troubleshooting: Kaltura Capture Not Uploading

For Zoom Cloud Recordings

See our troubleshooting guide, Kaltura Troubleshooting: Zoom Cloud Videos Not Showing up In "My Media" for instructions on how to manually download your Zoom recording and upload it to Kaltura. 

If you need additional help figuring out how to resolve the issue, or if the video you originally uploaded never stops processing and you want it removed from "My Media," please contact us at kaltura@ucsd.edu.