Cognos Limited Run Types


Cognos has been set up to run reports as HTML (preferred), PDF (preferred), Excel, Excel data, CSV, and XML.

Critical Concepts

Report developers can limit report options by creating a variable for the report output which sets the report to only display when specific run types are selected.

Steps to Follow


  1. From the Report carrot menu, select Variables

    Report carrot menu screenshot

  2. Drag and drop the String Variable into the Variables box.
    1. In the Expression Definitions: box enter the value ReportOutput().
    2. Click OK.

      Sring variable screenshot

  3. Optional - change the name of your variable by using the properties area.

    Variable screenshot

  4. Use the + to add options for which the report could be run - both those you want and do not want. Click OK.

    Add options screenshot

  5. Set each page of your reports to recognize the variable. You do not have to use the same value for each page.
  6. From the Report carrot menu, select the Report folder:

    Report folder screenshot

  7. In the page properties, select Render variable.
  8. In the Variable drop down, select the variable you created and de-select the report output for which you do not want the report to use. Click OK.

    Variable drop-down screenshot

  9. Apply to other pages as needed.
  10. Run the report in the different output to ensure the variable is working.