Add Onscreen Text to a Kaltura Video


This tutorial provides instructions on how to add onscreen text to a Kaltura video. This is done by adding a URL hotspot, but not actually adding the URL itself - only the text.

Any Kaltura media owner can add a hotspot to a video they own. This applies to all UCSD instructors, students, and staff with active directory credentials.

Critical Concepts

What's a Hotspot?

A hotspot is a textbox layered on top of the video that allow for several actions if a viewer clicks on it while watching:

Check out the embedded video to the right to see examples of hotspots. You may want to maximize the video player. 


Steps to Take

In CanvasIn MediaSpace
  1. Log into Canvas.
    1. Go to
    2. Enter your active directory credentials.
  2. Within Canvas, click My Media in the left navigation.
  1. Log into MediaSpace.
    1. Go to
    2. Click the profile icon at the top right of the page and select Login.
    3. Enter your active directory credentials.
  2. Click the profile icon again and select My Media.
  1. Locate the video to which you want to add Hotspots and click the pencil icon on its row.
  2. Click Launch Editor in the gray box next to the video player. The Kaltura Video Editor will launch.
  1. A screenshot of the "hotspot" icon.In the left navigation of the Video Editor, click the icon that looks like an arrow within a square.
  1. A screenshot of the "add hotspot" button.

    Use either the play controls within the video player or the timeline below to find the place in your video where you want the hotspot to first appear onscreen for viewers, and click the Add Hotspot button.

  1. Enter the text you want to display onscreen in the "text" field.
  2. Ensure that the "URL" radio button is selected.
  3. Leave the "link to" field blank.
  4. Click Done. (If you want to explore the "Advanced Settings," read below.) You should now see a little yellow box has appeared above the timeline at the bottom of the Video Editor, and above the timeline.
  1. Position the hotspot within the player window by dragging and dropping it where you see fit. You can also enlarge the box, though this won't change the font size.
  1. Play the video or use the scrubber in the timeline to find the time in the video when you no longer want the hotspot to be onscreen for viewers. Drag the right side of the yellow box that's above the timeline to that desired endpoint.

A screenshot of the timeline in the hotspot editor.

  1. Click Save at the top right of the Video Editor window. 

Advanced Settings

You have additional configuration options for your hotspots that you can access by clicking "advanced settings" when an existing hotspot is selected in the Video Editor. In addition to being able to change the text and link or timecode (depending on the type of hotspot), you have control over the look and feel.



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