Integrate a Kaltura In-Video Quiz with the Canvas Gradebook


Adding in-video quiz questions to a Kaltura video won't add the quiz to the gradebook by itself. Instead, you need to create an assignment with specific settings after you've created the in-video quiz questions.

Though any Kaltura user can add in-video quiz questions to a video, you must be an instructor in a Canvas course in order to integrate an in-video quiz with the grade book. 

Critical Concepts



Things to Keep in Mind

Steps to Take

  1. Log into Canvas at
  2. Enter the course in question and locate the module in which you want to insert the assignment.
  3. Click the plus icon on the row with the module's title to add a new course element to the module.
  4. A screenshot of the "configure external tool" window in Canvas.Create a new assignment. 
    1. Next to "Add," select Assignment from the pull-down menu.
    2. Select [ Create Assignment ] within the box below the pull-down menu.
    3. Type in a name for your assignment in the "Assignment Name" field.
    4. Click Add Item.
  5. After doing so, you should be brought back to the main page listing your modules.
  6. Click on the new assignment.
  7. Click Edit in the upper right corner of the screen.
  8. In the assignment settings, scroll down to the pull-down menu next to "Submission Type" and select External Tool from the list.
  9. In the box that appears below, click Find.
  10. Scroll down and select Kaltura Video Quiz from the list of tools.
  11. You'll be brought to a list of all the video quizzes that you've created. Select the video quiz you want to use and click </> Embed in its row.

Alternate Players

Note that the default quiz player will hide the transcript widget. If you want to select a player that includes the transcript widget below the player, click the gear icon instead of "</> Embed" and select a different player in the "choose player" pull-down menu.

  1. A screenshot of the "submission type" settings in Canvas.After a moment, click Select back in the "Configure External Tool" window. Note that at this point you may not see your video in the rich text editor, but you will once you preview the quiz.
  2. Once back on the page where you configure your assignment settings, uncheck the box for Load This Tool In A New Tab. It's essential that you do this to ensure that scores are properly reported from Kaltura to Canvas. 
  3. Set the rest of your assignment parameters, such as point value, due dates, and description. Ensure that the number of attempts you allow matches with the setting you've set within the in-video quiz configuration.
  4. When you're done, click Save or Save and Publish, depending on your preference.
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