Customer Surveys


Once a case is closed, a survey is sent to the customer of the case. Surveys are only sent on Cases, not on any other ticket type. Customers can see their pending surveys by going to 'My Stuff' on the portal and selecting 'Surveys'. Customers cannot view previously submitted surveys. If a customer closes more than one case in a given hour, the customer will not get subsequent surveys; this is to prevent spamming users with surveys.

Critical Concepts

The survey has 3 statements that the customer rates on a scale of 1-5

An image showing the survey customers are sent once their ticket is closed, asking three questions and giving customers a scale of 1-5 to choose from for each question. There is also an open-ended suggestions box at the end

For the answers, Strongly Agree is scored numerically as a '5' and Strongly Disagree is a '1'. If a customer submits an average score of less than '3' and there is a comment submitted, the manager of the Assignment Group is emailed an alert with the case information. Example scores that trigger this functionality would be 'Neutral, Neutral, Disagree' or 'Strongly Agree, Strongly Disagree, Disagree' which are '3, 3, 2' or '5, 1, 2' respectively, so long as there is a comment submitted as well.

Viewing survey results

Agents do not get notified when surveys are completed.

To help you view your teams' survey results, we've created a Dashboard that houses various reports on survey results. It is available by going to your Dashboard Overview page (the four hollow squares in the top left) and searching for 'Survey Results' in the Shared with Me tab. It is also available by following this link.

dashboard overview screenshot

It will walk you through survey responses for assignment groups you select or the results from your larger organization (such as IT Services or Research). If you wish to know more about the contents of a column, you can click through to get a detail report of the survey results it includes.

survey dashboard screenshot

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please use the 'Contact ServiceNow Team' form.