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Access OneDrive at

Why use OneDrive?

By using OneDrive to store your files, you are ensuring your files are always available from any computer, worldwide, with public internet access.


Quick Start Guide

Estimated total time: 8-15 minutes

Watch this series of short (~1-2 minute) videos before getting started.

Tips & Tricks

How to identify whose/which OneDrive you are in

At the University, everyone is provisioned a personal OneDrive account as a workspace for Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

In addition, there may be Shared OneDrive accounts created by your team, department, unit, or organization. This can get confusing when browsing OneDrive on the web, but there is an easy way to identify "whose/which" OneDrive you are currently looking at: In the top-left of the OneDrive window, it will always tell you whose/which OneDrive account your window/tab has open:

Bookmark your OneDrives

To keep track of multiple OneDrive storage locations besides your own personal OneDrive, it can be helpful to bookmark them in your preferred internet browser of choice.

We recommend creating bookmarks at the top folder level you have access to and navigate where you need to go from there - this lowers the chance of somebody modifying the parent folder, which could break your bookmark.

Sharing links instead of files

To cut down on emailing unnecessary copies of files back and forth, consider using OneDrive's powerful permissions to grant access to your colleagues instead. OneDrive is tightly integrated with all other O365 applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Teams. This allows you to seamlessly share files and modify permissions while you work, without having to switch to OneDrive to do so!

Roles and permissions in OneDrive

You can grant access directly to files, or to entire folders. You do not have to grant access to an entire folder if you just need to share a single file within, just sharing the file itself will work.

Links and Information

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