Major Incidents - Procedures


Major incidents are incidents that are used to track and resolve major losses to service. Major incident records use the same form as regular incidents with additional fields used to record information for the major incident process.

In this article: 

Report an IT Services Major Incident

Identify an IT Services Major Incident

In order to provide customers with as much information as possible and prepare IT Services to manage high impact incidents, here are some guidelines:

Assign Roles and Responsibilities

When a Major Incident (emergency) arises it must be dealt with quickly and thoughtfully in order to minimize its impact. Here is where the roles, responsibilities and procedures for managing an emergency incident are detailed.


Your Next Steps:

  1. Identify a Major Incident (emergency/outage)
  2. Establish communications with the Service Desk
  3. Establish communications between the Service Desk and an Incident Manager
  4. Deploy individuals or teams to resolve the Major Incident (emergency)
  5. Deliver notifications / updates to any and all who need to be aware there is an issue at appropriate intervals
  6. Escalate awareness to higher levels of management as appropriate
  7. When the Major Incident (emergency) is resolved, close out the Major Incident (emergency) ticket and include a closing message to all who need to be aware the issue has been resolved.

Important Information

Zoom conference call information

From Systems with Zoom installed:

If you need to call in rather than join using the above link use the dial-in information below:

Backup communications channel: (only use if Zoom is not available)

On Teams, join the "ITS-Emergency" channel under the "Information Technology Services" Team. This should only be used if Zoom is unavailable. DO NOT use this channel unless directed to do so by management or the incident manager for the event in progress.

Direct link to Teams "ITS-Emergency" channel:

Posting information on the status page

To post information on the Status Page go to 

Creating a ticket yourself

To create an emergency ticket immediately using email, select and add relevant information as indicated above. Doing this will send notifications to over 100 ITS staff members who might respond based on what is detailed in the ticket. This is NOT the recommended method - if at all possible call the service desk at the number listed above. However, if time is critical and actions need to be taken without delay, don't hesitate to create the ticket yourself. Also - if after 30 min you haven't heard from the service desk create the emergency ticket yourself.

To report an outage to the service desk the preferred method is to call, as indicated above. If this is not possible, send email via or use the customer portal to report "Something Broken". This will be subject to some processing time and should only be used for non-urgent situations.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please use the 'Contact ServiceNow Team' form.