Cognos Analytics: Working With Images


Including images, such as your department logo, adds a professional touch to your reports. The new Cognos Analytics has a simplified system for adding custom images. Find custom color palettes to go with your images with the Adobe Color CC tool.

Critical Concepts

Before you can add an image to your report, it needs to be added to the Cognos server. Next, you place a generic image object on your report. Finally, you edit that image object to select your specific image file from the Cognos server.

Steps to Take

  1. Add an image to the servers
    1. Email your image(s) to
    2. We will create folders and/ or modify image names for ease of identifying/ locating your images
    3. Your images will be found in the UCSD folder
  2. Drag an image object onto your report
    1. Click the Tools menu
    2. Under 'Layout' click Image and drag it to your report page where you want your image located
      Cognos image screenshot
  3. Edit the image object
    1. Click the image icon to edit image properties
    2. Select Edit Image URL...
      Cognos edit image URL screenshot
    3. Use the relative path to select your image, indicated by initial two dots (..) in the file path. For example: ../samples/image/UCSD/filename
      Cognos image browser screenshot

      Note: Do not use the full path as your images may not work when the report is migrated to other environments.

    4. The Image Brower screen has two sides. Use the left side to navigate to your image in the UCSD folder.
    5. Click on an image name to select it. The image will now be shown in the right side of the Image Browser screen.
    6. Save the changes to the image object.