Configure Thunderbird v78.0 to current on Mac/PC for Office 365 Exchange


Configuring Thunderbird v78.0 to current is basically the same on the Mac and the PC. 

Steps to Take

 You can also refer to our instructional video for a walkthrough on these steps. 

    1. Open Thunderbird.
    2. Under Accounts select Email.

    3. Click Add. 

    4. Use the following server settings: 
      • Your name as shown to others when they receive your email
      • UC San Diego email address
      • Password
      • Check Remember password
      • Use the following server settings:
        • Incoming:   IMAP,  Port 993, SSL/TLS Authentication: OAuth2
        • Outgoing:   SMTP,, Port 587, STARTTLS,  Authentication: OAuth2
        • Note: if you do not see the option for "OAuth2," try pressing "Re-test" and check again 
          Screenshot: Thunderbird Email confirgurations

    5. After you have entered your information select Re-test, then Done.
    6. A UC San Diego login window should now open. Enter your UCSD email address and password then press Sign In. 
      Screenshot of UCSD Outlook login screen.
    7. Authenticate using Duo two-step.
      Screenshot of Duo 2-step Authentication. Authenticate to proceed.
    8. Thunderbird will now request permissions for your account. Press the "Accept" button in the bottom right. 
      Screenshot of the account access request screen. Press "Accept" in the bottom right to proceed.
    9. Your email will now start to load and you will be good to go!
      Screenshot: Inbox after setting up email with thunderbird

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357