Navigating the Knowledge Base


While customers are able to view through Bases articles through, agents can take advantage of "Agent View" to search for relevant KB articles.

KB Homepage 

The KB Homepage can be accessed in 2 different ways:

Both options will take you to the list of Knowledge Bases to view within ServiceNow.

Screenshot: KB-homepage

Note for ITS:

Seeing KB by Service Offering 

Knowledge articles can see by opening up a Service Offering record and viewing the details. The Service Offering record can be viewed by accessing a Case and pressing the information icon to open the record:

Screenshot: service offering details

In the bottom of the Service Offering information, there will be a tab for "Knowledge" 

Screenshot: knowledge tab

Searching KBs

  1. Search by topic at the top right hand corner

     Screenshot: search bar

  2. Scroll down to "Whats on the page" and go to "Knowledge & Catalog" to see articles that match your search.
  3. Click "Articles" to see the article results

    Screenshot: Article section in the navbar

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357