CMS: Add Content to Blink or TritonLink Template


Find out how to add content to a Blink or TritonLink page

Steps to Take


When you click Edit on a page in Blink or TritonLink the Edit screen will pop-up, showing the fields you can edit for that page.

Tip: If you find it difficult to enter your content in the small text area, click the full screen icon Full screen button toggle to bring up a full screen. To return to the regular view, click the full screen icon again.

Common fields


  1. Intro: Type in a one-sentence description of the page. It will automatically show up in the subhead font.
    1. Note: This is often the same content as in the Summary field (see metadata).
  2. Image: You can upload a decorative image here.
  3. Alt Text: if you do upload an image, enter alt text here. This is mandatory for accessibility.
  4. Image-Alignment: The image will be aligned to the right of the text by default.

Main Content - Body

Contact Line

Enter contact information here.

Main Content > Additional

Related Content


Enter any editorial or internal notes. This won't show up on the page.

Save your changes

Click Save & Preview to save your draft.

Click Submit to save the page in the CMS and prepare for publishing.

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