How to Schedule Courses on the Quarterly Schedule Builder (QSB)

Accessing the QSB

In order to edit class details from the QSB, you must first add the class in the Annual Schedule Builder (ASB) (see KB0033134).  The ISA QSB can be accessed at

Steps to Take

Screenshot: Quarterly Schedule Builder Fields
This is where you can add instructors and scheduling components such as meeting times, location, and associated sections to classes.

To edit a class or instructor from the QSB once it has been created:

  1. Select the term from the drop down menu you wish to work in ( above). This will populate a grid of all the classes input into the ASB for that term. For more information, see How to Use Filters (see KB0033161)
    • This grid only displays projected enrollments, instructor, instruction type, and meeting time ( above). It will not display the actual enrollment limit, additional components, or location. Use the Quarterly Preview to view that information (see KB0033216).
  2. To edit class details, click on the calendar icon next to the desired class in the grid ( above). If the icon is green, meeting times have been scheduled. If it is red, meeting times are missing.
  3. This will open the course in a new page, "Schedule a Class", where you can add an instructor ( below), set the enrollment limit ( below), schedule meeting times and location ( below), and add components ( below).
    Screenshot: fields for scheduling a class

  4. You can edit and add components by scrolling to the "Class Components" section at the bottom of this page ( above). Alternatively, you can click "Edit these details" at the top to edit both class information and component information ( above). This will open the Class Editor window (see KB0033194).
    • To add a meeting time/location, click the "edit" button next to the primary component in the bottom right of the page ( above). This will open a new window where you can change the instruction type ( below) and set enrollment limit ( below). (NOTE: instruction type must match the course approval)
      Screenshot: fields to edit component

    • Click "Add Day & Time" to add scheduling info to the class ( above).
    • This will open another window where you can select a common scheduling time, or manually input a custom time. ( below)
      Screenshot: fields for adding days and time

    • If you will be using a departmental space for the class, select it from the drop down menu under "Location" ( above). If you need a general-use space assigned by the registrar, toggle the switch to "No" ( above) to leave that section blank.
    • Click "Add days & times" when you are finished to close this window and add the selections ( above). Then click "Save Component" to finalize the selections ( below).
      Screenshot: steps for editing a component

    • From this window you can also delete the component ( above) or clone it ( above). When cloning a component you will have the option to select the number of clones. Please note that cloned courses will share the meeting time/location information of the original course, if any are set ( below).
      Screenshot: fields to clone a component
      Note: cloning from this window does not create duplicates of the class, only duplicates of the component. Cloning an entire class may only be done from the ASB.

    • To add additional course components, such as discussion sections or labs, click "Add Component" from either the "Schedule a Class" page or "Class Editor" page.
      • When adding a component, select the instruction type, set the enrollment limit, and determine how many copies of the component you would like to generate ( below).
      • Once the components are generated, individually set the meeting time and location by clicking "edit" next to the component and repeat the above instructions.
        Screenshot: Options for component details

  5. Once your class has meeting times scheduled, the time block will appear in the grid on the QSB home page ( below). Note: this grid displays primary course components only.
  6. When you are finished scheduling and fine-tuning classes for a given quarter, click the yellow "Proceed to Schedule Submission Wizard" button to submit the preliminary schedule to the Registrar's Office ( below) (see KB). This will also provide you with a link to submit Supplemental Scheduling information directly to the registrar’s office (see KB0033218).
    Schedule: Last fields of Quarterly Schedule Builder

If you have further questions or concerns, please email us at