Frequently Asked Questions About Service+Support Portal


Sometimes there are one off questions that may or may not have a dedicated KB article for them. This is a collection of some of the more popular questions we've had.


We have taken to calling it the 'Services + Support Portal'. At this point, it's an official name. We also refer to it as 'the Self-Service Portal', 'ServiceNow', or 'Production'. ServiceNow is the platform it is running on, and production is tech-speak for saying 'the live site that people use to get things done' as opposed to test sites.

We do not refer to our team or the platform as SNOW but understand it is a common abbreviation.

The team that runs is a small section of the campus-wide IT Services. We are a part of Workplace Technology Services within ITS and are managed by Justin Clow.

Customers can only see the portal view. Within the portal, we generally only need to differentiate between the 'Get Help' selection screens, the 'Knowledge Article' screens, and the 'Service' selection screens. We call the agent view, 'agent view' or 'the agent screens'.

An agent is any user whose job involves helping customers with their submitted tickets. Agents are also called 'fulfillers' and 'agent fulfillers', they all refer to the same thing - somebody who is helping a customer. Agents by necessity are part of an assignment group within the system.

In order to become an agent, a user must be added to an assignment group. All assignment group managers and leads are able to adjust the roster of their teams using our Group Management Form here. In order to become an agent, please reach out to your supervisor and request you be added to the appropriate group(s).

Please reach out to the team via our contact form. We always welcome the opportunity to chat about whether or not the platform is right for you.


Customer Portal

Please reach out to the team via our contact form.

Please reach out to the team via our contact form.

You cannot reopen a closed ticket. If you need to reopen a closed ticket, please find that closed ticket and click on 'open duplicate'. This will create a new ticket with the same variables as your previous ticket.

You cannot merge cases. If you have duplicate or redundant tickets open, you can close them by going to 'My Stuff' -> 'Tickets' opening one of the superflous tickets, and hitting the 'close ticket' button.

When you're logged into the portal and see your tickets, click on the ticket you want to edit. From there you will see an option in the right column to add an email address to the Watch List.


Agent View

Please reach out to the team via our contact form.

          Use the global search (the magnifying glass in the top right of agent view) to search for the user you know.

Enter the person's name or the account name you know in the top right search field. Results will show cases first. Looking to the right of the results, halfway down you'll see a User (1) or User (#) link. Click that link. You will be shown users who match your search criteria. Click on the one you are looking for. This will bring you to the user's profile. Scroll down until you see a Groups () tab. Click on that tab.

Change the Assignment Group to ITS-Service Desk. Put comments in the Work Notes field "My group does not provide this kind of support".

In agent view, go to 'Dashboards' and click the four squares to the left of your Dashboard name.

In agent view, go to 'Dashboards' and click the black triangle to the right your Dashboard name. Search for 'filter' and select the Simplified Agent Dashboard w/Filter. Once there, select the team(s) you want to view.

ServiceNow, the company, has lots of information about ServiceNow, the product. We suggest going to one of the numerous ServiceNow youtube channels, to start a Personal Instance, or reaching out to us! We're always happy to answer questions about the platform.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please use the 'Contact ServiceNow Team' form.