Record and Share a Zoom Meeting


Learn how to record and share a Zoom meeting.  


Steps to Take

Local recording is available for Basic and Pro accounts. By default, hosts are the only people who can record. Other participants can be granted the ability to record.

  1. Once your meeting has started, press the Record button.
    • Note: What is seen on the host’s screen is what will be recorded.
    • Note: The recording can be started and stopped multiple times. Each time the user clicks Stop, Zoom will store a snippet.
  2. End your meeting.
  3. Zoom converts the recording, collates all snippets, and stores one file, named playback.m3u on your computer.
  4. From the Zoom interface, select Meetings from the bottom of the home screen.
  5. Zoom presents a list of recorded meetings, and their paths, stored on your local hard drive.
  6. Navigate to the path you want to share. 


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