Reactivate Upgraded Phone (with Same Number) for Two-Step Login


If you get a new phone to use with the same number you have previously used with Two-Step login, follow this reactivation process. The following steps can also be used if your Duo app no longer works. If your app asks for a new QR code or a re-activation link, the following steps will re-activate your Duo app. 

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

  1. Go to the two-step login device management page (; log in with your Active Directory credentials.
  2. Complete two-step login process by selecting the Call Me button. Since your upgraded phone has the same number, you should be able to perform two-step with call or text passcode.

    Screenshot:  Call Me option with existing phone number to use two-step login.
    • Select the Device Options button. Make sure the number you see matches the number of your new phone.

      Screenshot: Select Device Options next to cell phone.
  3. Select the Reactivate Duo Mobile button.
  4. Follow the prompts to reactivate the device; the prompts will be similar to the first time you registered

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357