Task Table


Task table is the core table for numerous other tables within ServiceNow. All tickets that require an agent action extend from task. Because of it being central to all ticket types, it has less specific information on each ticket. It is best to report on task when you want an overview of activity.

The word 'task' has a complicated relationship with ServiceNow. At the bottom of the agent view of cases, you have a 'Task' tab that create a new task. This is a Case Task, which is sn_customerservice_task table. In addition, forms / catalog items can create tasks, those are Catalog Tasks on the sc_task table. Generally, when we say Task, we mean the task table, and when we want to reference the others, we say Catalog or Case specifically.

Task Table Fields

Display NameLabelElementField TypeReferenceMax Length

Reporting Notes

UpdatedUpdatedsys_updated_onDate/Time 40 
Created byCreated bysys_created_byString 40 
UpdatesUpdatessys_mod_countInteger 40 
CreatedCreatedsys_created_onDate/Time 40 
Updated byUpdated bysys_updated_byString 40 
_Never DisplayedSys IDsys_idSys ID (GUID)32 
Action statusAction statusaction_statusInteger 40A detailed explanation of this will be forthcoming - py 9/20/20
ActiveActiveactiveTrue/False 40Is the case active? If false then case is closed. Is true, will show any ticket not closed. This includes Open, New, Solution Proposed, or Awaiting Customer Action.
Activity dueActivity dueactivity_dueDue Date 40 
Actual endActual endwork_endDate/Time 40Unused
Actual startActual startwork_startDate/Time 40Unused
Additional assignee listAdditional assignee listadditional_assignee_listListUser4,000Any agent who updates the ticket will get added to this list.
Additional commentsAdditional commentscommentsJournal Input4,000 
After Hours Work DoneAfter Hours Work Doneu_after_hours_work_doneTrue/False 40 
Agile storyAgile storyagile_storyReferenceStory32 
ApprovalApprovalapprovalString 40 
Approval historyApproval historyapproval_historyJournal 4,000 
Approval setApproval setapproval_setDate/Time 40 
Assigned toAssigned toassigned_toReferenceUser32The person who is handling the case. Will be a full name.
Assignment groupAssignment groupassignment_groupReferenceGroup32The group is the case assigned to.
Best time to contactBest time to contactu_best_time_to_contactString 40 
Business durationBusiness durationbusiness_durationDuration 40How long the case too to resolve, based on business hours of 8-4:30pm M-F.  This gets calculated When state changes from New or Open to Awaiting Customer Action, Solution Proposed, Closed, or Cancelled. If a proposed solution is rejected, it will stay as the old value until a new solution is proposed or the case is closed. 1 day displayed is 24 hours, which is three 8 hour days - so when it displays 1day, the business duration is 3 business days.
Called on behalfCalled on behalfu_called_on_behalfReferenceUser32 
Close notesClose notesclose_notesString 4,000 
ClosedClosedclosed_atDate/Time 40Date and time the case was closed. Closed is final, whereas a Resolved ticket can be reopened.
Closed byClosed byclosed_byReferenceUser32The agent who was assigned the case when it was closed, field will be bank if the case was unassigned
Closure CounterClosure Counteru_closure_counterInteger 40Will always be 0. This field isn't relevant to our current configuration.
Comments and Work notesComments and Work notescomments_and_work_notesJournal List 4,000 
ComputerComputeru_computerString 100 
Configuration itemConfiguration itemcmdb_ciReferenceConfiguration Item32 
Contact typeContact typecontact_typeString 40 
Correlation displayCorrelation displaycorrelation_displayString 100 
Correlation IDCorrelation IDcorrelation_idString 100 
Customer - Non ADCustomer - Non ADu_customer_non_adString 100This field isn't relevant to our current configuration.
Default Assignment GroupDefault Assignment Groupu_default_assignment_groupReferenceGroup32 
Delivery planDelivery plandelivery_planReferenceExecution Plan32 
Delivery taskDelivery taskdelivery_taskReferenceExecution Plan Task32 
DepartmentDepartmentu_departmentReferenceDepartment32Requestor's department as ServiceNow understands it. When requests are submitted, this gets filled out.
DescriptionDescriptiondescriptionString 4,000Body of the case entered by the person who created/submitted the case
DO NOT USE - Category Pre CopyDO NOT USE - Category Pre Copyu_categoryString 255 
DO NOT USE - Sub-subcategory (Pre-Copy)DO NOT USE - Sub-subcategory (Pre-Copy)u_sub_subcategoryString 255 
DO NOT USE - Subcategory (Pre-Copy)DO NOT USE - Subcategory (Pre-Copy)u_subcategoryString 255 
DomainDomainsys_domainDomain ID 32 
Domain PathDomain Pathsys_domain_pathDomain Path255 
Due dateDue datedue_dateDate/Time 40This field isn't relevant to our current configuration.
Due Date Change CounterDue Date Change Counteru_due_date_change_counterInteger 40 
DurationDurationcalendar_durationDuration 40Total calendar duration, in total hours of the case. This gets calculated When state changes from New or Open to Awaiting Customer Action, Solution Proposed, Closed, or Cancelled. If a proposed solution is rejected, it will stay as the old value until a new solution is proposed or the case is closed.
EscalationEscalationescalationInteger 40This field isn't relevant to our current configuration.
Expected startExpected startexpected_startDate/Time 40 
External Watch List (Customer-Facing Updates Only)External Watch List (Customer-Facing Updates Only)watch_listListUser4,000 
Follow upFollow upfollow_upDate/Time 40This field isn't relevant to our current configuration.
Group listGroup listgroup_listListGroup4,000 
ImpactImpactimpactInteger 40If the task type is Case, and the Case type is Incident, this field will be populated with a value 1-4, 1 being the highest impact.
Internal Watch List (All Updates)Internal Watch List (All Updates)work_notes_listListUser4,000Watchers of the ticket.
KnowledgeKnowledgeknowledgeTrue/False 40 
Made SLAMade SLAmade_slaTrue/False 40ServiceNow currently only has SLAs on Cases. This will be true / false depending on if the SLA was made. Please see Case Types and SLAs  for details.
Misrouted TicketMisrouted Ticketu_misrouted_ticketTrue/False 40 
Misrouted Ticket CounterMisrouted Ticket Counteru_misrouted_ticket_counterInteger 40 
Misrouted Ticket DateMisrouted Ticket Dateu_misrouted_ticket_dateDate/Time 40 
Needs attentionNeeds attentionneeds_attentionTrue/False 40A detailed explanation of this will be forthcoming - py 9/20/20
NumberNumbernumberString 40Unique Identifier for Task Type. This will have a varying prefix depending on the Task Type.
OpenedOpenedopened_atDate/Time 40Date and time the item was opened. For portal submissions, this would be when the customer clicks the link to begin the submission process.
Opened byOpened byopened_byReferenceUser32Who opened the case. Can be different than the customer.
OrderOrderorderInteger 40 
Payroll TitlePayroll Titleu_payroll_titleString 100 
PCIPCIu_pciTrue/False 40 
Portal formPortal formu_record_producerReferenceCatalog Item32If this ticket was submitted via the web portal, this will reflect which Catalog Item the customer was on.
Portal UpdatePortal Updateu_portal_updateTrue/False 40 
PriorityPrioritypriorityInteger 40Priority level of the case. Default is 3. Can be 1-4.
Reassignment countReassignment countreassignment_countInteger 40How many times the ticket has moved Assignment Groups.
Rejection gotoRejection gotorejection_gotoReferenceTask32 
Reporting OptionsReporting Optionsu_reporting_optionsString 255 
Requires Fulfiller ActionRequires Fulfiller Actionu_requires_fulfiller_actionTrue/False 40Is there action that needs to be taken by the agent? If true, will show any ticket that is waiting on an agent to take action. This includes only Open or New cases. It does not include Solution Proposed or Awaiting Customer Action.
RespondedRespondedu_respondedTrue/False 40 
ServiceServicebusiness_serviceReferenceBusiness Service32The Service of the case.
Service offeringService offeringservice_offeringReferenceService Offering32Service Offerings are unique across the system. Each are set up to auto-route the case to the first tier assignment group.
Short descriptionShort descriptionshort_descriptionString 1,000The 'subject' field of the ticket.
SLA dueSLA duesla_dueDue Date 40 
Staff EmailStaff Emailu_staff_emailString 100 
StatusStatusstateInteger 40The current status of the case.
Suite / Cubicle #u_suite_cubicleu_suite_cubicleString 100 
Survey Closure CounterSurvey Closure Counteru_survey_closure_counterInteger 40 
task  Collection 40 
Task CategoryTask Categoryu_task_categoryString 255Legacy field from previous ServiceNow configuration. Will be blank for most new tickets.
Task CustomerTask Customeru_customerReferenceUser32Custom field that pulls customer information from Task table. This allows for single reporting across multiple task types. So you can find all cases, requests, and incidents from a customer with one search.
Task Sub-subcategoryTask Sub-subcategoryu_task_sub_subcategoryString 255 
Task SubcategoryTask Subcategoryu_task_subcategoryString 255 
Task typeTask typesys_class_nameSystem Class Name80The type of ticket. Options include but are not limited to Case, Request Items, Requests, Incidents, Problems, Changes, Approvals, Catalog Tasks, and Case Tasks.
TeamTeamu_teamString 100 
Time workedTime workedtime_workedTimer 40 
Timekeeper CodeTimekeeper Codeu_timekeeper_codeString 100 
Upon approvalUpon approvalupon_approvalString 40 
Upon rejectUpon rejectupon_rejectString 40 
UrgencyUrgencyurgencyInteger 40Some tickets, including Cases of Incident types and Change Requests will have urgency. The value will be 1-4 with 1 being the most urgent.
User inputUser inputuser_inputUser Input 4,000 
VariablesVariablesvariablesVariables 40 
Walk-InWalk-Inu_walk_inChoice 40 
Work notesWork noteswork_notesJournal Input4,000 
Workflow activityWorkflow activitywf_activityReferenceWorkflow Activity32 
Working TitleWorking Titleu_working_titleString 100 

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